Our 1 or 2-day Retreats are designed to give you an opportunity to turn your focus inwards and give yourself time for you – to move, stretch, breath, rest, reflect and simply be.

Each retreat has its own unique features such as our one day Yoga and Kayak retreat with Lough Derg Watersports. Our one-day wellness yoga, self-massage and hiking retreats and our weekend all-inclusive yoga and meditation retreats.

Yoganess Ireland - Yoga Retreats


Our 2 / 3-hour workshops focus on a variety of different aspects for gentle restorative Yoga Nidra (sleep yoga) and Seasonal Ayurvedic workshops to Myofascial Yoga and Healthy buildings. See below for upcoming workshops.

Sacred Sleep

Sacred Sleep – an insight into Yogic and Ayurvedic Rituals and Practices for deep and restful sleep.

  • Dates: Monday 11, 18, 25 October 2021

  • Time: 8pm-9.15pm

  • Cost: €70

  • Venue: Zoom

A three-part course designed to help you sleep. Sleep is so essential yet so elusive, without a good night sleep we can struggle in our day to day lives feeling tired, anxious, ungrounded and short tempered, struggling to complete basic tasks and losing focus. In today’s busy switched-on society more and more people are suffering from exhaustion and lack of sleep. During this 3-week course – Sacred Slumber, an insight into Yogic and Ayurvedic Rituals and Practices for deep and restful sleep we will look at factors which maybe preventing us for getting a good night’s sleep and how to overcome them using simple yet effective practices. Over the course the 3 weeks we will learn how to begin to incorporate Ayurvedic rituals into your life and how they can help you. We will explore various yogi practices including Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra, which are all scientifically proven to help you achieve a state of deep rest and relaxation.

This course will be taught over Zoom (Cameras on or off as you prefer) affording you the opportunity learn, practice and rest in the comfort of your own home. Feel free to pop on your PJs, make a cup of your favourite tea and settle in. You will need a yoga mat or bed, blankets, pillows and a comfortable quiet space.

You will also receive our Yoganess Ireland Sleep Rituals pack – containing a beautiful sleep mask handmade by Noyce Handmade, A Yoganess Ireland Massage Oil Roller for deep relaxation and our unique Ayurvedic herbal blend for a good night sleep.