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Contains 1x Copper neti pot, 1x stainless steel tongue scraper, 1x Yoganess Mouth Oil, 1 x Nasal Oil, 2x Irish bees wax candles.

Copper Netti Pot - Jala Neti - Nasal rinse is an ancient yogic practice to cleanse the nasal passages the many benefits include removing the dirt and bacteria trapped along with excess mucus from the nostrils, It soothes the sensitive tissues inside the nose, which can reduce symptoms of rhinitis or allergies. It is beneficial in dealing with asthmatic conditions and making breathing easier. It can reduce tinnitus and middle ear infections. It helps abate sinusitis or migraine attack. It can alleviate upper respiratory complaints like sore throats, tonsils, and dry coughs. It can clear the eye ducts and improve vision. Clearing of nasal passages helps improve the sense of smell and thereby improves digestion. It calms the nervous system and the mind. It also helps relieve stress and brings clarity to the mind. It helps improve the quality of your meditation.

Add 1/8th of a teaspoon of Himalayan/ Atlantic sea salt to warm filtered water, pass the lukewarm solution through each nostril. ensure you dry you nostrils well after.

Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper - Tongue scraping is an Ayurvedic practice is a traditional Ayurvedic practice that involves cleaning the tongues surface to promote oral and overall health. Tongue scraping is believed to remove toxins, bacteria and coating that accumulate on the tongue over night.

We recommend gently scraping your tongue (3 to 5 scrapes until the Tongue Scraper comes away clean) first thing each morning before brushing your teeth.

Nasal Oil - Anu Thailum is a ayurvedic herbal oil used for the treatment of diseases related to head, brain, eyes, face, nose, ear, and neck. In fact, Anu Thailum is a preventive medicine in Ayurveda which helps preventing diseases of upper parts of the body.

Anu Thailum acts on nasal membranes and ayurveda believes nose as a path to brain, so oil is also effective for the brain disorders. It is a good remedy for inflammation of nasal mucosa, sinusitis, headache, weak eyesight, memory loss, chronic catarrh, cataract and several other diseases.

For regular use and for preventive purposes, you can drop 1 drop of Anu Thailum into each nostril in the morning every day.

Mouth Oil - Yoganess Ireland's unique organic blend of Oil for Oil Pulling. A bespoke blend of Organic Cold Pressed Sesame Oil and Organic Clove and Nutmeg Essential Oils.

Your mouth is one of the first places toxins and bacteria enter the body. Oil Pulling pulls bacteria and toxins out from between teeth, tongue, tonsils and the surrounding gum tissue.

Oil pulling is recommended for better oral hygiene, stronger, whiter teeth, clearer skin, headache relief, and much more.

Bees wax Candles - The practice of candle gazing,Trakata, is a ancient yogic meditation practice to cleanse and strengthen the eyes.

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