Starts February 17, 2021 then every Wednesday
Time: to
Location: Online

Yin Yoga is deeply nourishing and healing practice combining principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine with traditional Hatha Yoga Poses to create a passive practice where the focus is on stillness rather than movement.

Yin yoga mindfully explores stillness in the body and mind while working on releasing tension and strengthening the yin style connective tissues, fascia, joints, ligaments and bones, through acupressure (tension, compression and torsion) on the tissue. During the practice of Yin Yoga, the practitioner makes a resolve to be still while holding a pose for several minutes (3-10mins). Each pose is designed to work on a specific target area in the body as well as on a meridian line or energy channel.

Yin Yoga teaches us to step outside of our comfort zone and observe what happens mentally, physically and energetically when we do. It gives the body a chance to rebalance and teaches us to slow down and relax.

Put on your comfiest clothes ( pj’s if you want) roll out your mat, bring your blankets, pillows, cushions, bolster (if you have one, if not blankets and pillows will work fine) and join me live on Zoom for an hour yin yoga or in your own time with 5-day playback.

Once you book into the class you will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom access link. Please make sure you have Zoom installed (free) on your device and are logged in before accessing the link.

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